Here at Mason-McDonald Press we love books – it really is that simple.

We love great first lines too (“Call me Ishmael,” springs to mind), because great opening lines hook our attention and go quite some way to making a book great.

Now, we don’t publish many books – in fact we’ve just published our first. But we’ll be signing more writers as the months and years tick by, and providing a publishing outlet for some of those whose great books, whether fiction or non-fiction, tend to get overlooked by the more established houses.

So do check back regularly and see what’s coming up.

Meantime, a brief note about our first book. It’s non-fiction and is¬†written by Cambodia-based South African journalist Robert Carmichael. It’s called When Clouds Fell from the Sky: A Disappearance, A Daughter’s Search and Cambodia’s First War Criminal. And you can find more about it on this site.